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Our Team

Alberto Dominguez:

Originally from Colombia, South America, Alberto moved to Canada with his family in the year 2000. It was in 2006 when he moved to Vancouver Island, that he combined his love for photography and his passion for interior design to create a successful career as an architectural photographer. In 2007, Alberto and his wife, Mia, founded Nanaimo Virtual Tours, currently known as Artez Photography Corporation.

Alberto's artistic experience is broad. It includes working for 17 years on his own business as a distinguished furniture designer as well as a jewellery designer.

His artistic and sophisticated photographic style captures spaces and nature in a vibrant and unique way. Alberto's depth of understanding in the photographic field has set him apart as a highly technical photographer. His trademark is a clean and clear, line-defined, vivid photography. He looks for the interaction of two or more spaces in the same composition which brings the challenge of multiple lighting sources.

Alberto has rapidly become an internationally recognized architectural photographer, whose work is used by high profile clients and is published regularly in numerous magazine covers, news papers and advertising campaigns. It’s a mixture of Alberto’s artistic capabilities and his wide range of experience that allows for the creation of outstanding images which will likely exceed your expectations.

Mia Dominguez:

Mia was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She travelled nearly 10 years throughout The United Estates, Europe and North Africa in a pursuit of life experiences and unforgettable images. Travel photography comes natural to her. After studying French at the Catholic University of Paris, Art at the Louvre Museum School of Arts and Linguistics in The Sorbonne University of Paris, she moved back to her homeland where she worked for 10 years as an Interior Design Consultant and business owner with her husband Alberto. Mia is an enthusiastic, optimistic, passionate and driven individual.

In the year 2000, Mia moved with Alberto and their four children to her beloved Canada. Mia lives on Vancouver Island since 2006 where she feels right at home. The spectacular scenery, the abundance of wild life and the friendliness of its people is what she enjoys the most on the Island. Her admiration for beauty, people and nature constantly inspire her photography.

She works with Alberto as an architectural/commercial photographer and as the managing director of Artez Photography Corporation (previously known as Nanaimo Virtual Tours). Her work is published on covers of magazines and advertising campaigns on a regular basis.

Paloma (Pam) Dominguez:

Paloma is the oldest daughter of Alberto and Mia Dominguez; she was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She moved to Canada when she was only seven years old, but Paloma has never forgotten her wonderful Colombian culture.

She graduated as an honour student from Dover Bay Secondary in June, 2010 and currently studies Media and creative writing at Vancouver Island University. Paloma has been working as a photographer and as the online marketing specialist for Artez Photography since October 2009. Pam is a wonderful addition to our photographic team! Her creative talent and her entrepreneurial spirit make her a valuable and versatile member of our company. She plans to continue her university studies while developing her skills as a professional photographer and videographer.

Manuela (Mandy) Dominguez:

Mandy is the second daughter of Alberto and Mia Dominguez. She was born in Bogotá, Colombia and moved to Canada when she was six years old. Mandy is an artistic and driven individual passionate about travel, modeling, yoga, dance and graphic arts. Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited at the Nanaimo Port Theatre and her banners have decoratet the City of Nanaimo in the summer time. Mandy gratuated with honours from the French Immersion Program at Nanaimo District Secondary in June 2011. She was awarded two scholarships based on her academic achievments.

Mandy has been the chief photo editor for Artez photography since May 2009 and a photographer for the company since 2011. Her artistic eye and outstanding capabilities make her a valuable member of our company. Mandy plans to continue on with her post secondary training while becoming a Yoga instructor. She is also interested in applying her three languages (English, French and Spanish) in her future career as a fashion photographer in the years to come.

Gabriela (Gabby) Dominguez:

Gabby is the newest addition to our team. She was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Canada when she was only 2 years old. Gabby is a vibrant young lady with a possitive attitude and an outgoing personality. Gabby has a very artistic eye and an incredible learning capacity. Although she didn't live in her homeland that long, she is completely bilingual.

Gabby decided to become a photographer when she was only 5 years old. Throughout these past 10 years she has kept her dream alive. You find her often creating fun photo shoots and editing images with her friends. Gabby is a natural and she has a real passion for photography.

Gabby works as a part time photo editor. Her attention to detail and artistic capabilites are incredible! Gabby plans to graduate from High School in the year 2015 and continue on with her post-secondary studies, while working with Artez Photography. She would like to become a professional photographer and a make up artist. She is a valued addition to our team!